About Us

Tempo Insaat ( Tempo Construction) was the first producer in Aluminum access panel in Turkey which start on 1996 and we still produce that. Our touch intervention panels are used in aesthetically pleasing ways to close various unpleasant installations and to intervene easily. As the intervention panels, 6 different main models are produced; we have different productions of these models for metal, pvc, owaplan, ceramic, marble, granite and various colors and plasterboards of different thicknesses.

You can find our 6 main models below;

Switched Hinged Intervention Cover

Switched Hooks Intervention Cover

Zero Construction Perforated Intervention Cover

Zero Constructed No Perforation Intervention Cover

Overhead Seating

T Profiler Intervention Cover

Our Aluminum Fuga Profiles are used for decorative purposes to prevent cracks in ceiling-wall joints, wet spaces, suspended ceiling-ceramic joints. Our fuga profiles are Ral: 9010 electrostatic powder painted and the length is 3 mt in our store.We can produce high metric products according to your requests.Our shaft cover allows you to protect the electrical and mechanical installations on the building in a safe and decorative way.

In case of a possible fire, fire shafts act as chimney and allow the fire to progress to the upper floors quickly while preventing the fire shafts from reaching the installations, as well as the other floors of the fire shafts that may occur in the site by using our fire-resistant shaft cover.